Villager Schools Sevens

Tournament Rules

1.   The competition will be conducted entirely under the control of the Villager Football Club, whose decision in all matters shall be final.

2.   Games will be played under Rugby Union Laws.

3.   The team that scores will kick off.

4.   The competition will be on the knock-out system.

5.   The winning side receives the Villager Sevens Trophy.

6.   The duration of play will be seven minutes each way and ten minutes each way in the Final. There will be an interval of one minute at half-time. The Plate Final will be contested seven minutes each way with a one- minute interval. IN THE EVENT OF A DRAW, THE TEAMS WILL CHANGE ENDS AND, AFTER A ONE-MINUTE INTERVAL, CONTINUE FOR FIVE- MINUTE SPELLS UNTIL A SCORE OCCURS, WHICH SHALL DECIDE THE MATCH. THIS IS SUDDEN DEATH: THE FIRST TEAM THAT SCORES WINS THE MATCH.

7.   Each team will consist of seven players (three forwards and four backs) and three reserves. Up to three players may be replaced per match. No player, having played in a match and been replaced, may play in that match again, unless for a blood bin replacement. This is in the spirit of the tournament and must be strictly adhered to by all teams.

8.   All teams must submit their players’ and reserve players’ names to the control caravan before their first game.

9.   Those sides whom we asked, and who have been kind enough to assist with fielding ‘B’ & C teams must please note that your three teams, A, B & C are completely separate. Each team will consist of seven players and up to three reserves. These two teams must be clearly divided. The names of players in each side must be handed to the announcer’s caravan prior to play. No player having played in either side may switch teams during the course of the tournament. This will be monitored strictly throughout the day. This is in the spirit of the tournament and must be strictly adhered to by the coaches. Teams found guilty of contravening this regulation will be disqualified by the Tournament Director, whose decision in all matters shall be final.

10. All teams must be complete and ready to take to the field five minutes before the kick-off in each tie.

11. School officials must be responsible for their players’ valuables at all times.

12. Referees will be supplied for all games by the WPRFU. Schools must provide touch-judges in all ties.