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On the 1st July 1841, John McNaughton opened the doors of his new school, the ‘Established School at Wynberg’ in Glebe Cottage.


Today Wynberg is unashamedly a Boys School. We understand Boys and we believe in Boys. Through activities in the classroom, in the fiercely competitive matches on the sports fields, on the stages of music and dramatic productions or in the multiplicity of service opportunities, our mission remains the same – to IGNITE boys’ curiosity and passion, to SUPPORT their drive for excellence in all they pursue, to ENCOURAGE them in their journey to young adulthood and to CHALLENGE them to make a difference in every area of life in which they involve themselves.


The Villager Sevens remains a highlight of the “winding down” period of the rugby season for Wynberg Boys’ high.  Despite the proliferation of Seven’s tournaments around the peninsula in recent years, the Brookside affair remains the main attraction and this year is no exception.  Wynberg have had their name engraved on the trophy 5 times in the past and we hope to cap a great season with yet another title.