Villager Schools Sevens

Mothers That Care

When Bobby and Pete took over the Villager 7 a side, they got their families involved in helping them. It was at the first one that they were running when one of the coaches of a school approached Bobby to ask if there was any food for his boys as they had not eaten at all that day. This made a huge impact on us mums and so the most practical way in which we thought we could meet this need was to identify the schools with needs and get a group of Rondebosch mums to make up a lunch bag containing two sandwiches, two small bar ones and a banana.


This is the third year that us ‘bosch’ mums have made up bags for the boys. Bobby and Pete say it has been with absolute appreciation that these bags are received and I must say the mums are always ready and waiting to fill those bags. There are eight mums and each of them make up and supply the contents for a team of ten. It is nice to know that the boys at least have some food in their tummies before the 7 a side.


Thanks to the mums!


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